Last night, to ring in the new year, I had dinner at Petrossian, the famous caviar house located on 58th street and Seventh Avenue. Since it was my first time, I ordered the pre fixe and the food was nothing short of excellent, almost as good as the service. I love the art deco, and tasteful use of mirrors. There is not a bad table in the house.

Reading-wise: I am about to finish “Absalom, Absalom!” by William Faulkner. This is a truly great book which moved me very deeply. For me this is Faulkner book no. 6, and the one which has impacted me the most. The book IS readable, albeit dense and heavy — I would suggest reading slowly and patiently. The Chronology and Genealogy, which Faulkner offers at the end, are not necessary (ie everything you need to know eventually appears in the book proper) and should not be consulted until the end to avoid spoilers.

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