Last year I obtained another instrument built by luthier Darren Hippner. 

Built in 2014, this guitar is standard size, with a Cedar top and Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides. 
Of the three Hippners I own, this one is by far superior (although I love playing Bach on the spruce top – a copy of Hauser’s 1939 guitar)
My 2014 Hippner has great volume, making it my choice for all of my performances in large halls.   Audience members have told my t hat the sound is much fuller that my other two instruments. 
It is also my first choice for recordings. 
This instrument has a nice combination of clarity and sweetness, making it both a “speaking” and “singing” instrument, all in one. 
Moreover the guitar is beautifully crafted, with literally no flaws. 
It has become my favorite instrument – one that cannot easily be replaced. 
it has received many compliments from my fans during my concert tours.
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